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Building Horizons (Lokorio): Part 3

Up to this point, I’ve been working off a free subscription plan to build out the website. As with every free subscription plan, you’re limited with the capabilities you can use, so I think it’s time to upgrade to the paid plan. This will be my first monetary investment into Horizons and will cost me $264 for one year of the basic paid subscription. It feels like a big investment, especially considering Horizons is not bringing in any income and I’m not sure it ever will, but I do find it necessary to keep building this project.

With the paid subscription, I can remove the website’s company branding, which I believe makes the site look more professional. I am also able to connect my own domain, which further builds professionalism, simplifies the branding, and creates a clean look. Furthermore, it unlocks back-end capabilities that allow me to improve the SEO (search engine optimization), create marketing campaigns, improve communications with users, and view site analytics to see which elements need to be improved.

Big advancement: I think I found a name that clicks.


If it really is the one that sticks, you’ll know by now since that is the name of the website, but I have a good feeling about it. Lokorio is obviously a made-up word, and I don’t think there’s any implied meaning with it which I like. I wanted to find something that sounds relatable to meechio, so the “io” endings tie the two together. Growing up, I always liked the name Loki from Marvel and wanted to name a pet Loki, but I figured I might as well use it now. I liked the simplified idea of Lokio, but that domain was taken so I had to spice it up a little bit and add in the “or”.

I thought to do some sample testing to see other people’s reactions for the name, but then thought it really only matters if I like the name for this project, as the project is a cultivation of my personal thoughts. As long as it’s a name that feels right to me and I like, then that’s all I need to get going with it. As Lokorio grows, the connotation will evolve, just as the meaning of meechio shifted over the course of that project.

With the new name, I had to update the website to change all cases of Horizons to Lokorio. I think it’s cool to already have some documentation of the site evolving, which is really the whole point of this entire thing.

Figuring out the name and setting up the domain were two of the biggest bones for the project, but I still have a long way to go. As things stand here's what I still need to get done:

  1. Continue building out design for the site (I think it's at a decent spot right now, but there's still a long way to go until it's at a point of me being fully content. I'm still torn on the look and theme that I want it to have, so I may even scrap everything from the current design and go a different route. We'll see.)

  2. Create a plan for the content I will be posting on Lokorio, and determine a schedule to help maintain consistency. (For documentation purposes, I think consistency is the most important factor, so I want to spend adequate time creating a plan that will hold me to it.)

  3. Showcase Lokorio in my public portfolio. By August 4th (the deadline I set for myself at the beginning of the project), Lokorio will be displayed in the public domain. (Things will be far from perfect at this time, but I have to launch from a starting point then build from there. Scary.)

  4. Start Project #1. Since Lokorio is a project of projects, I need to begin working on the projects that will fall under the Lokorio domain. This will eventually be the core of what I do, with Lokorio serving as a side piece used to document the work.

I need to break each of the steps down into smaller tasks, but I'm making good progress. Finalizing the name and setting up a domain felt like a big progress point, so I need to carry that momentum forward. I've always been good at starting projects, but have struggled to finish them, so with that in mind I'll need to be extra diligent with getting the remaining work done.

That's it for update #3, so hopefully this time next week I'll have some more progress to report.


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