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Building Horizons (Lokorio): Part 1

Horizons is technically my first project that I will be building. As I’m writing this, the name is Horizons, but I don’t think that name will actually stick. I wanted to have a placeholder name for planning and organizational purposes so that is what I came up with for now. At this stage, I have a rough idea of what I want Horizons to become, but I still have a blank canvas in front of me that needs to be built out.

I want the documentation of Horizons to be the same as all other future projects, so this series will be a taste of what to expect in the future.

To get started, I needed to define what horizons is and my intent with creating the project. Here were my initial thoughts:

Horizons is a site that is Sebastian’s voice, but not a focus on Sebastian. It is a way to document the projects that Sebastian works on. It will have full transparency to showcase a project's life through the creation process. It will highlight failures and successes. The purpose of horizons is to 1) create a real time documentary for Sebastian, but also for an audience who can draw inspiration from it for their own journeys 2) build an in-depth project portfolio for projects that I am building 3) give Sebastian a platform to do something he loves, while being able to capitalize on it and build it into a project itself.
Big idea is that horizons can turn into a larger platform that can be used to support a creative team of project builders.
Horizons may function like a blog, but it is not a blog. It is a creation hub that documents progress along the way.

I view Horizons as the third piece to add to my personal portfolio. I have my personal landing page of, my personal creative journal with, and now to serve as my project creation space.

To create one complete portfolio that is a complete representation of myself, I need a cohesive way to tie the three elements together.

Here is my initial idea of how I could do so:

A sketch of hot Horizons will be set up and work with other projects.
Structure Diagram of Horizons

My next step is setting up a timeline for the creation of Horizons. Again, this is far from a perfected version, but my initial thoughts on what I need to get done to build this thing out.

1. Determine branding for horizons
  1. Name

  2. Colors

  3. Mission

  4. Imagery

  5. Theme

  6. Voice

2. Build site for horizons. Options:
  1. Keep it cheap and build myself

  2. Spend $$$ to build professional / high end site

3. Create background content for horizons
  1. About

  2. Sebastian information

  3. Building horizons?

4. Start project #1 and begin creating content for the project
  1. Project proposal and background

  2. Find partner for the project?

  3. Publish content for the project

Upon completion of these things, release Horizons (and by default and as well). All of which will be released by AUGUST 4, 2023.

My biggest challenge right now is creating all branding for Horizons. As I mentioned, I'm not settled on the name Horizons, but it is no easy to task to find a name that fits. I have to select a name under the assumption that this project is associated with me for my entire life (no idea whether this will actually be the case or not) so I want to make sure it’s a name that fits. On top of that, all imagery and branding needs to be to my liking. Those elements can be changed more easily as I evolve, but they still serve as a reflection of myself.

This leads to my decision of how I want to go about creating a website that ties all of these elements together. I appreciate full creative control over this, but am limited by my skill sets and the tools available for my use. At this point, with 20 days remaining, I can either commit my time towards building out my own site or spending money to have a site built for me.

I’m torn between both options, as I don’t have much money to hire someone or time to build it myself, but I must make a decision soon as I only have 20 days left to complete this.

This is my current situation for now, as I’m slowly starting to lift this project off the ground. I hope to report some progress on the next update, but that’s all for now.


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