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Building Horizons (Lokorio): Part 2

I’m back for part two, and luckily, I’ve made some good progress since my first check in. At that point, I was stuck with the decision of building a website myself versus hiring someone to build it for me. I opted to build it myself with the intent of keeping it simple.

My main reason for this was maintaining full creative control. I’m willing to commit the time towards building it, but also realized I do not need to make anything overly complex. The heart of Horizons is the content, not the design and extra features (although I certainly love those elements), so I want to put majority of my effort towards the content for now. To start, all I really need is a basic design that allows me to publish content in an organized fashion.

On top of this, I think it will be cool to have a bare bones design then slowly improve it over time. After all, the point of this site is to document growth and progress, so I really think it’s a perfect way to visually showcase my progress.

Here is my current home page design that I will use as a starting point:

*Note the project names are made up and used as placeholder text.

My next challenge was determining a name. I’m still rolling with Horizons for now, but I don’t have the gut feeling that it is the right name. There are a few things I like about it, such as its association with adventures and pursuing things off in the distance, as well as how it looks with the Cheque Black font (it’s a nice length and the O’s balance it out well). But practically, it’s a common word (not very fun) and difficult to create a unique brand around. For example, I have no shot of getting the domain or social media handles that are clean and simple (“horizons”).

I’ve been trying name generators and other random brainstorming tools, but I think it will have to be a process that I’m patient with until something comes naturally to me. In the case of meechio, that was a random non-existent word that came to my mind, and it just felt perfect. It has no real meaning but is simple and fun and felt like the proper embodiment of that project.

Aside from the name, I’m feeling good about the other branding that I have set up. I’m most confident about the voice of the site, which I believe to be the most important element for a narrative piece of work (such as Horizons). Since it is my own thoughts, I find it to be very natural to project my voice into the site. My own thoughts flow down to my fingers where I type them out and they end up right here in the writing.

Horizons’ theme, mission, and purpose all have overlapping characteristics. For now, I feel pretty good about how I articulated them in The Start of Horizons post, but I’m sure they will continue to evolve over time.

Overall, I’ve been making good progress and feel good to have this ready by my August 4th deadline. I have felt engaged working on this and am truly enjoying the process of piecing all my thoughts together. I think that’s the most important indicator that you’re headed down the right path with a project.

I have a long way to go, but it is only the second update.


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